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I’m thinking of you living in the Malibu, CA area, Deborah living in the D.C. area and Betsy living in Boston. Those are just some high rent areas that came to the top of my head. San Francisco is expensive, granted, but it’s not the only expensive place in the U.S. to live. I think she’s yet to really understand what the whole Dave Ramsey thing is about, and is hoping that we’ll support her in her want to purchase a home and to purchase a new car. I think we’ve all learned that these are lovely things, but not always financially feasible no longer how much you try to justify the purchases. Sometimes one just has to learn the hard way, as most of us have. Just my thoughts.

rental cars

People drive them exactly opposite of their own and the wear and tear they have been subjected to is frightening. Maintenance records are sketchy. If they are due for an oil change it might be marked but no guarantee of an actual change depending on the rental city the car was returned. Many smaller cities rent those cars out when their destination is a larger city with a bigger maintenance facility etc.