Car buying

We keep records for gas purchases, replacing tires, oil changes, any time it’s in the shop for repairs, etc. Not just because of selling it down the road, but it helps dh remember when it was done in case of issues with the vehicle.

Car buying

I have always been super careful with a rental car because I don’t want them to charge me for any damage or wear and tear. I never allow my kids to eat in the car and I tell them to be super careful as well. I’d never thought of them falsifying the care records. I just when on the experiences of my partner’s parents. They always bought previous rental cars and typically got at least 20 years out of them.

I guess it’d be good to look at the mileage as well. Those that drove long distances would not be as good of an option.

Car buying

with used cars when we knew the previous owners….if you know how they take care of things you know pretty well along with their records of maintenance what that car will be like.

Car buying

but my mother in law did this for years (before she died). My father in law still has the car that they purchased from one of the rental car companies in 1995.
I guess I just like the idea because you don’t have to haggle. I’m really bad at that and I’d be taken advantage of every time.

Car buying

A used car doesn’t necessarily equal buying junk.
Consider buying a leased car which has been turned back. They are usually:

1. Half the price or better, than new

2. About 36-45,000 miles

3. In excellent condition

4. Still carry manufacturer warranty

5. Has been refurbished mechanically to “same as new” standards.

Getting in to a leased/return depending on brand, could mean getting into a sweet $8-10k deal which might be low enough to pay cash.