My area (in Huntington Beach) has an opportunity to buy O2 absorbers from the LDS Cannery.
You can only buy them in sealed packs of 100 ($10 a pack) which is cost.
If you want to buy some, you can order them from the site, and I will send them to you in the mail. You will have to pay add’l for shipping (I think probably $3.99 a pack, but I will have to weigh them out and send you an invoice for shipping when they arrive at my house.)
I am not making any money on this, but I know there is a strong interest in purchasing oxygen absorbers, so I am offering to help you get them.
The site also lets people from the HB area buy other metal “canning” items. Please don’t choose these….I seriously cannot ship an empty metal can to you.
Although I’m ok with shipping a bag clip if you feel strongly.